Shawn Wagar

Cinematographer | Photographer | Drone Operator | Motion + VFX Artist

Shawn Wagar

Shawn is an experienced media artist with a varied skill set making him more of a swiss army knife than most. He has spent most of his life with a camera in his hand almost everywhere he goes and is always thinking about innovative ways to create something unique. He is interested in anything creative and unconventional and loves taking on new challenges and possibilities.

Shawn is a Cinematographer, Photographer, Drone Operator, Compositor, Editor, Colourist, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Artist. He has worked on several projects ranging from corporate motion graphics pieces to VFX for feature length films. He has worked with clients such as Discovery Channel, Family Channel, Outdoor Channel, WestJet, ESPN, Island Health and SHAW.

Skill Set


Crafting visually stunning footage that will set your edit apart from others.


Creating breathtaking photography whether it's portraits, corporate or events.

Motion + VFX

Animating motion graphics projects and special effects to video footage.

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Chemainus, BC, Canada